Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcoming Back

Hello World. Coming back after very long time

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Animals Save the Planet

A nice way to remind people about global warming by
Click on the Image for more on how we can save the planet

Pedal Your Way to health

Friday, March 20, 2009

Timeline: Global credit crunch - BBC

BBC has come up with a great time line of how the Global recession started. This is something interesting to read.

There are various question arising out of this.

Are we(India) so dependent on the US of A or any other developed countries?
Where has all the money gone?
Who is keeping all that cash?
How does a Country Treasury Bail out huge loss making public Private sectors ?
Where does the government get those money from?

Many to answer..... only time will tell

I hope that everything go well & every one is happy


Some more on Global credit Crunch. Loved the presentation

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dexter : Bike Messenger NYC

Something Simply Superb

Last line was great

Life is better than ...... (watch the video to get the full line)

Monday, March 31, 2008


BIkeszone member had an opportunity from Times Of India to promote cycling

Please find below, The cutting of Times Of India , Sunday, 30/03/2008 page 18 cutting

Monday, October 22, 2007

Save Nanda Road

any one off u guys must have used this road to reach silk board junction or beyond.
This one stretch of road about a 2 kms in length is one of greenest of roads in Bangalore filled with Huge trees. I usually use this road to move from South end circle to 100feet road which connects to silk board junction.

Now there is a news that this road comes under the road widening plan for BBMP Bangalore.
So we may not see the trees in the near future.

So come, save the road from BBMP. There are some serious people who are working on the same in the below link to plan & execute the future decisions about how to avoid the road widening on this road.

I am also one of that serious people.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cycle Ride to Kaggalipura/Bannergatta Circle & Back

Its was a nice biking, we were about nine in the team (Rohan, Balu, Gaurav,Shashi) & (I, Sreeharsha,2 Raghus (One Doctor & one from TOI) ,Shasank). We were out beaten by the biathlon guys who were no where to be seen.

So We five had to continue on trail of Biathlon guys.Sree & myself decided to go to Yogavana hills,About 8 kms from Kaggalipura after a Tea break & thought of catching up remaining 3 at the Bannergatta Deviation on Kanakapura Road while returning.
But our plans of going to Hills was shortlived, as there was a problem with Sree's Cycle,which we could not repair.So we waited for transportion, got a TATA pickup truck(ACE) and rode back to Kaggalipura. We Just waited for the cycle repair guy,got the repairs done & continued on route.The guy(Raghu) from TOI (Times of India) was really struggling to catch with us.Sree & myself had almost got separated from these 3 guys.

we had a small break for a breakfast,had Hot Uppitu(uppama) and moved on.We could find out about 2 gradients which were covered easily.From there the road till Bannergatta circle was almost flat & full of potholes which made my TREK to check for it sustainability & made me think about "the Value for Money aspect". We (Sreeharsha & I) reached Bannergatta Circle at around 9.30. Waited for the other 3 Guys, had a cup of Tea, Refilled our water Bottles and left for the Banashankari. We reached Bannergatta Road/Ring Road Junction at 11.30 where we deviated towards our Houses.

It Was a Nice ride overall


Images Uploaded in the Picasa.
Waiting For ABHI to Upload at BIKEZONE

Distance Covered - 52.16kms
Time - 3h.06min.
Average Speed - 16.77kms
Max speed - 50.29kms

One more thing I had mention.

It really Bad to see lots of Non veggie stalls & bars where making brisk business even with / without knowing the importance of the OCT 2. Its really shame on the guys who cant atleast follow the No drink/No Non veg on That DAY........

NOTE : Above paragraph is not Politicalized & No Parties are involved. :)