Friday, October 5, 2007

Cycle Ride to Kaggalipura/Bannergatta Circle & Back

Its was a nice biking, we were about nine in the team (Rohan, Balu, Gaurav,Shashi) & (I, Sreeharsha,2 Raghus (One Doctor & one from TOI) ,Shasank). We were out beaten by the biathlon guys who were no where to be seen.

So We five had to continue on trail of Biathlon guys.Sree & myself decided to go to Yogavana hills,About 8 kms from Kaggalipura after a Tea break & thought of catching up remaining 3 at the Bannergatta Deviation on Kanakapura Road while returning.
But our plans of going to Hills was shortlived, as there was a problem with Sree's Cycle,which we could not repair.So we waited for transportion, got a TATA pickup truck(ACE) and rode back to Kaggalipura. We Just waited for the cycle repair guy,got the repairs done & continued on route.The guy(Raghu) from TOI (Times of India) was really struggling to catch with us.Sree & myself had almost got separated from these 3 guys.

we had a small break for a breakfast,had Hot Uppitu(uppama) and moved on.We could find out about 2 gradients which were covered easily.From there the road till Bannergatta circle was almost flat & full of potholes which made my TREK to check for it sustainability & made me think about "the Value for Money aspect". We (Sreeharsha & I) reached Bannergatta Circle at around 9.30. Waited for the other 3 Guys, had a cup of Tea, Refilled our water Bottles and left for the Banashankari. We reached Bannergatta Road/Ring Road Junction at 11.30 where we deviated towards our Houses.

It Was a Nice ride overall


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Waiting For ABHI to Upload at BIKEZONE

Distance Covered - 52.16kms
Time - 3h.06min.
Average Speed - 16.77kms
Max speed - 50.29kms

One more thing I had mention.

It really Bad to see lots of Non veggie stalls & bars where making brisk business even with / without knowing the importance of the OCT 2. Its really shame on the guys who cant atleast follow the No drink/No Non veg on That DAY........

NOTE : Above paragraph is not Politicalized & No Parties are involved. :)

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Speak Logic said...

Nice blog man, we r also planning something similar in next week...

one thing dude, bar is fine... but y should non-veg be banned on gandhi jayanti?