Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I start from my house(in rajajinagar 1st Block) sharp 5.30 after sending the sms to the oldman.I took almost 30mins as I had quite bit of problems with water bottle which was just poping out of the cage.

Finally reached the meeting point at Mysore Road / Ring Road Junction at 6.05 others came at 6.10.We all waited for ABHI for 5 more mins & started off as there was no response from ABHI. In between , my water bottle dropped of on the road.I just abandoned it & continued with my cycling.

It was the worst selection for my first ride as the traffic was heavy and dangerous. We did mysore road easilly till a right turn for the Dodda alada mara Road. Then there was a level crossing where we got some time to stop.

We had small breaks in between.Villagers were eagerly asking me about my stain on my back & front( which has not gone even after 2 washings). The road was really messy as it had rained heavily previous night & I was not having a fender on the TREK.

Even krik did have problems with that. But its all ok when you are burning calories.

TREK did respond to me very well on the mud road & braking. But had some chain slipping due to the EXCESSIVE mud splashed on the chain & gears.My SIGMA 1606L DTS was responding well & was showing 27Kms from home. I was overwhelmed by seeing that & decide to make more rides.

We reached the destination at around 8.45. Had Idlis , spent some time chatting for 30 minsbefore leaving the place. Just after 5kms down hill we had a small break for photo shoots, left after 15 mins.

This side of return back was the toughest as all were uphill.The climate was really hot,had got a cap which was very usefull.As we reached Jhnanabarathi,I was out of energy,stopped for sometime, shared an apple.
And proceeded further till the ring road junction, where OLD MAN took a deviation towards Banashankari.

WE KIRK & me, continued till my house,time was almost 11.15AM. he had some water & continue with his cycling to his house.

OLD MAN & KRIK were quite fit & I was the person who was slowing them down.Probably 2 more trips will reach me to them.Very Happy

Distance covered :54kms(from My house), KIRK(+3KMS),OLDMAN(-3kms)

Time taken : 3Hours ( 2 hours 59mins 14sec to be specfic)

Meet point was : Mysore road / ring road junction:

Team : Diwakar(OLD MAN), Karthik(krik) & me.
Abhi missed the ride.

Time of start : 6.15AM from the Junction

Average speed : 19kms / hr

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