Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My New Interest in Bicycling


I do remember those days, where my father used to teach us the cycling.I used to ride my father's cycle without even knowing how to get on & off of it.

When my parents where out to work and a holiday for us, we used get Cycles for rent for 50Paise/hour and go around city(Bhadravati) parks and used to have a blast.

we had n number of crashes & accident / n number of wounds on our body, which we did not mind.

This continued till I came to Bangalore for My High Schooling & also did get our Fathers bicycle to Bangalore & was using it to commute from our school, House, & Kamalama Gundi (Play ground in Mahalakshmi Layout) where we used to practice our volleyball.

Then that time my mother had promised me to get a good MTB cycle once i go into College for my 10+classes which she did. We then sold of our older cycle for 700Rs to one of our Friend (13years back which i dont know if it is existing or not). My mother was little upset due to this bcoz of the love & the attachment she had with it.

HERO MTB name tells it all(Multi terrain Bike) was used every where from roads,patholes roads, Playgrounds etc.I must have spent more than what the cycle costs in its life span of about 8years
but it has served me a lot.

We used to go to around Bangalore in Diploma for abt 3years, & we even had a cycling trip to Pearl Valley (Muthayalmadu) thru NCC.It was about 40Kms from our College (MEI Polytechnic) in Rajajinagar which was very hard for me but every well enjoyed it.

And after my Diploma college days , I used ride the cycle for first year in Engineering,from Rajajinagar 1st Block to Hanumanthanagar(BMS College of Engineering) that was really great.

After that for all three years I was rarely used the MTB as it was too strainfull.

But I do remember that in final year i had taken the cycle again to BMSCE for fun(but it was too hard for me) & while cuming back,we rode doubles with Ravikishore with the help of Deepak who had a Luna dragging us.

It was such a good momemt,so we remember that ride from college to house when we all meet.

Now its about 5years from there and me little fat, I have decided to start cycling, and probable buy a good bicycle in the near future and start riding it again.

Hope this new interest stays with me for more days to go.

Thanks for reading,
corrections are welcome.

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