Thursday, July 12, 2007

Visit to BOTS

The much awaited me cycling group has been initiated. Nitin & myself had a visit to BOTS on the bicycle.Its is great to to ride the same route which I used to ride to reach my college BMSCE on my HERO Ranger cycle.

Distance is about 11 Kms which we covered in 40 mins.We hade a quite nice time there with Nikil as Rohan was on a adventure cycling trip.While riding back NITIN (my cousin) had the chance and he did well for the first time. We were back in the house by 10.00.

The final result is NITIN is considering a purchase of bicycle at BOTS my be in a week or so.I even had a talk with my close buddy(Raghavendra) for purchase of a bicycle & about making a cycling team of ours.

Hope this initiated process comes good & we all be able to cycling together for longer duration.

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deep3d said...

NITIN has put on hold the ordering of cycle till next month